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Wednesday August 26th 2015

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S.E.M., Vol. 1, No. 7
Federalist 69 - by Alexander Hamilton. 1. What are the chief characters in regards to the President as outlined in the proposed Constitution? 2. Why does Hamilton believe the term of office for a President should be longer than three years? 3. What was the term of office for the king of England and what, in your opinion, is the potential for abuse in such a term? Would the term of office of the king of England present any advantages - in the Founders experience and in your opinion - over over the new American system? Read all of the questions and post your response at our new resource Self-Educated Man

Educating for Freedom or Tyranny? — Goethe

Liberty Letters Quote of the Day, Goethe, with Steve Farrell

Two centuries ago the German poet Goethe said: “The destiny of any nation, at any given time, depends on the opinions of its young men [and women] under five-and-twenty.”

Which helps explain why the socialist revolutionaries who have infected this country dating back to the days of Horace Mann have sought first to centralize, next deChristianize, and finally radicalize public education so that evil might be held up as legitimate and mandatory, and good as dangerous and forbidden.

Likewise, they have simulteneously launched an assault on home and private education to first control and then ban, and if not ban, infiltrate and overthrow (and so of the latter: beware fabianistic public private partnership and government grants to that promise to help the cause).

The sad truth is, while these well placed revolutionaries have always known exactly what they were doing to undermine our children and our country, many good people have been fooled in the past and still others in the present into believing that state imposed secularism is about religious neutrality. But what in the wide wide world is neutral about permitting every sort of falsehood and wickedness to be favored, even protected, while truth and the Judeo-Christian ethic are banned and persecuted? Ask yourself, which one in all logic is bound to win in this struggle?

I think we all know the answer, and which, therefore, ought to help us understand this obvious truth: secularism always has been and always will be about hostility toward Judeo-Christianity, not neutrality. It is in fact a chosen tool of strategy of Socialists and their collectivists allies everywhere. Socialists, mind you, who if they are true Socialists, that hate God, hate the family, hate private property, hate free enterprise, hate the United States and its Constitution, and hate self-government and individual responsibility whereever it is found.

What then are those who stand idly by, permitting this dangerous charade to go forward against our children and our country anything but hostile by default?

Think about it, and then act.

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