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Thursday February 11th 2016

Obama Elitists Diss Missouri

by Steve Farrell

Proving once again that we are dealing with an arrogant, dictatorial bunch in the Obama Administration, its reaction to just over 71 percent of Missourians saying “No!” to Obamacare mandate that individuals buy insurance and businesses provide health insurance to employees or be fined is revealing. Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said the vote meant “Nothing,” and that the ballot initiative was “of no legal significance.”

Wow! Really? By contrast, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said in a floor speech on Wednesday, “The voters of Missouri sent a clear message that the federal government has no business forcing people to buy health insurance against their will. And I applaud them for it.” And Republican Party Chairmen Michael Steele added, “Last night’s decisive vote against a key provision of ObamaCare, arguably the cornerstone of the Obama presidency, shows how completely detached the Democrat agenda is from the American electorate, and is another reason why Republicans will win back the majority in November.”

They are both right. Weren’t all the polls strongly against Obamacare before and during its passage? Aren’t they even more opposed now? And do we remember all those town hall meetings where the people stood up to the Democrats in large numbers, and which the Democrats then collectively and with the utmost cowardice decided to stop attending because they didn’t want to face the music? Because they couldn’t justify their betrayal of the Constitution? And aren’t these telltale signs that we are dealing with an administration and a political party that is both detached and dictatorial in its mindset as it plunges forward amidst the growing and almost overwhelming opposition of the American people? And doesn’t this signal that they must be stood up to or American liberty will be stood down?

But a sadly frank reminder, let it be remembered that in any plan to stand up to and beat down these socialist bullies (by every legal and constitutional method in the arsenal) that the national Republican Party is not to be blindly relied upon, or relied upon at all for that matter. Who should forget their quick introduction of the bipartisan Hatch-Kennedy health care bill right on the heels of America’s overwhelming rejection of Hillary-care?  Who should forget Republican Party support for measures that opened the door to FDA regulation of the health food industry (introduced by Republican Senator Orrin Hatch and supported by Republican Senator John McCain)? Who should forget Republican President George W. Bush’s massive expansion of senior prescription benefits and his authorization of measures shockingly invasive to the medical privacy of every American? And who should forget that Obamacare was modeled after republican sponsored Romney-care which was created with the aid of that Republican Party supporting think-tank, The Heritage Foundation?

That’s republican conservatism for you! Just a tad less socialistic then the democrats, and every bit as dangerous if not more so for its presumed opposition. It’s that same republican “conservatism” that is now promoting Third Way Newt Gingrich as our “conservative savior” and the next Mr. President — yes, the very rascals that provided that false opposition to socialism for the past three decades that gave us NAFTA and GATT and a Contract With America that claimed to be taking us back to the “wisdom and brilliance” of the Founding Fathers even as it was so full of fine print center-right provisions that nearly every single conservative measure proposed moved power upwards from the states to Washington and from Washington to the United Nations.

Point is, while we do need to fight on the federal level to bring constitutionalists to power, the people of Missouri might have the better idea. It is on the state level where the people have greater influence and control. Perhaps it is time for the Tenth Amendment movement to take its battle to the next level, invoking the principle of nullification rather than casting symbolic votes and passing laws that will fight it out in the courts for years even while our liberties perish. Besides, relying upon the mercy of federal courts where dictatorial decisions are increasing by the day, handed out by judges who certainly cannot be classified as disinterested parties, doesn’t strike the flint with much force.

The fire is with the people, with the towns, cities, counties, and states. Here the battle must begin in earnest.

Steve Far­rell is one of the orig­i­nal pun­dits at Sil­ver Eddy Award Win­ner, (1999–2008), asso­ciate pro­fes­sor of polit­i­cal econ­omy at George Wythe Uni­ver­sity, the author of the highly praised inspi­ra­tional novel “Dark Rose,” and edi­tor in chief of The Moral Liberal.