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Tuesday September 16th 2014

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Federalist 58 by James Madison. 1. Under the proposed Constitution whose interests were represented by the U.S. Senate? Is it so today? If not, how might it be remedied & by what means? 2. How did the Constitution provide for updating representation in Congress? 3. Madison credits the U.S Constitution with assigning the greatest power, that of the “purse strings” to the U.S. House. In your opinion, how might the House assert that power to reduce the size & cost of government today? 4. Explain in your own words Madison’s warning against too many men serving in the House. How might his warning be applied today as calls abound for a more direct democracy & for scrapping the electoral college system? 5. Is democracy the form of government our Founders gave us or was it a republican form? Explain the difference.

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New Tools for ‘Choose Freedom, Stop ObamaCare!’

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From the continuing coverage of ObamaCare in The New American magazine, comes a new tool. “The New World of ObamaCare Reprint” chooses the best articles, including two cover articles describing what ObamaCare means to you and your family and other articles on how to stop the new law and places them into one very effective reprint. Plus the Republican chart mapping one-third of the 150 new agencies provides a mind-boggling overview in the center of the reprint. Find out the agencies who have been put in charge of your health. It’s available for a buck from

While you’re at, check out the Stop ObamaCare! section. More than 20 products will help you in your efforts to educate others and raise awareness in the fight to stop ObamaCare. There are downloadable posters, bumperstickers, a window cling, a trio set of slimjims, a billboard, and banners. We will continue adding tools and discussing the ways to stop ObamaCare until it is actually stopped. To follow our progress, keep an eye on our Facebook fan page and our Stop ObamaCare web page. With your help, we can do this.

If you’re in the DC area, make plans to listen to JBS President John F. McManus at the Liberty XPO, part of the March on DC, Thursday, September 9, 11:00 to 11:50 AM. He will be presenting Dollars & $ense: Solutions to the Economic Meltdown. The John Birch Society is proud to be a participant.

JBS will also be represented at the kick-off of the Nullify Now! Tour in Fort Worth, Texas, Saturday, September 4. Oklahoma State Representative Charles Key will present a speech on what the legislature has done in response to ObamaCare, as well as discuss the “Choose Freedom, Stop ObamaCare” campaign of JBS. If you’re attending, stop by our table for the latest campaign literature. JBS and The New American magazine are both proud sponsors of the tour.

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