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Saturday February 13th 2016

Beware the Con-Con: We Are Not Dealing With the Founders

Liberty Alerts, JBS Freedom Campaign

A large number of state legislators are starting to hear from special interest groups regarding balancing the federal budget, term limits, and a number of other items on the federal level. But why are state legislators being contacted if these are federal matters? Because these special interests want the states to call for a constitutional convention (con-con) in order to add amendments to the Constitution without going through Congress. They sometimes call it an amendments convention. The problem with calling for a convention, and the main reason JBS has fought so hard against these calls for decades, is the threat of a runaway convention. A runaway convention could do just as the first Constitutional Convention did: it met to change the Articles of Confederation and ended up scrapping it and starting over. The result is the glorious U.S. Constitution that we all so love and that the majority of politicians ignore.

We were certainly blessed to have the founding fathers and their extensive knowledge work to our advantage in that instance. But can you imagine a group of today’s politicians having a hand in writing a new constitution? The results would not be a small booklet protecting God-given rights. Contrast that with language from any new law that Congress passes. So if today’s politicians routinely ignore the current Constitution, why would they pay any attention to a new or revised one?

And remember that there are two ways to pass amendments to the Constitution. One is through a constitutional convention called by the states, which has never been used and the other is through Congress (as described in Article V of the Constitution). It’s much less risky to amend the Constitution by a two-thirds vote in Congress and ratification by three-fourths of the states than to amend it through the process of a new constitutional convention. If they are not going via Congress, we question their motives and their absolute recklessness regarding the Constitution. Only through an informed electorate will moral, responsible candidates be elected. Those that will balance the budget, follow the Constitution, and stop us on the destructive path we have been on for decades.

Unfortunately some of these pro con-con groups are already among many participants in the tea party movement. So please do not get pulled into this fight. It’s one of those tangents that JBS Founder Robert Welch warned us about. Tangents that take our eyes off of the real fight and divert much needed resources and talent. We need your help in educating others in the tea party as well as state legislators regarding a con-con. There are a number of tools you can use including the Beware of Article V DVD (cased version or uncased version … also view this on Liberty News Network), Dangers of a Constitional Convention reprint, Beware of Article V audio CD, Model State Resolution to Rescind Con-Con calls, Term Limits Temptation article download, plus a number of articles at The New American and The John Birch Society websites.

Work with your chapter, local tea parties or other like-minded patriots to advance this. If you’re in a home chapter, use your network of influence to reach as many as you can, including your elected officials.


Used with the permission of the John Birch Society.