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Saturday August 2nd 2014

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Federalist 58 by James Madison. 1. Under the proposed Constitution whose interests were represented by the U.S. Senate? Is it so today? If not, how might it be remedied & by what means? 2. How did the Constitution provide for updating representation in Congress? 3. Madison credits the U.S Constitution with assigning the greatest power, that of the “purse strings” to the U.S. House. In your opinion, how might the House assert that power to reduce the size & cost of government today? 4. Explain in your own words Madison’s warning against too many men serving in the House. How might his warning be applied today as calls abound for a more direct democracy & for scrapping the electoral college system? 5. Is democracy the form of government our Founders gave us or was it a republican form? Explain the difference.

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No Statehood for PA – Stand With Israel

Liberty Alerts, American Center for Law and Justice

All eyes will be on the United Nations this week as the Palestinian Authority (PA) seeks recognition as a sovereign state.

We already know that such a move can only mean more turmoil, more violence in the Middle East. Further, creating a state for the Palestinian Authority violates international law and the U.N.’s own charter, as my colleague David French explained in an earlier post.

Of course, what is most troubling is the fact that the Palestinian Authority has embraced Hamas, a terrorist organization that vows to destroy Israel. With Hamas a part of the PA government, it’s clear that Israel would face even more danger and more violence.

There’s a lot at play right now as the diplomatic efforts continue to unfold. President Obama plans to meet this week with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on this issue. Netanyahu will address the U.N. So will Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas.

At the end of the day, where will the United States stand on this issue? The U.S. has said it will veto any PA bid for statehood. But with pressure mounting, it’s critical we urge the U.S. to keep its promise.

That’s why we have enacted a global strategy – with legal and legislative teams at work in New York at the U.N., in Strasbourg, France, in Geneva and in Jerusalem. We are standing with Israel and we’re encouraging you to do the same.

This weekend, Netanyahu said he expects the bid for a PA state to fail. But he also knows that the situation at the United Nations is very fluid.

Israel is our friend. Israel is our ally. It’s time to stand-up and support Israel. Send a powerful message now to President Obama and to the United Nations. Add your name to our petition rejecting PA statehood and supporting Israel.

Used with the permission of the American Center for Law and Justice.