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Friday October 31st 2014

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October 06, 2014

Federalist 62. Madison reminds us that the election of U.S. Senators by their respective state legislatures secured state rights or authority. In your opinion, how might a return to this vital constitutional principle become a key element in empowering a push back against federal intrusion into powers our heaven inspired Constitution clearly retained as jurisdictionally belonging to state & local governments, to families & individuals, to private businesses, churches, & charities?

In 5 Hours Jesus Statue Support Eclipses Atheist Group’s Membership

Liberty Alerts, American Center for Law and Justice

In just a few short hours, more people have taken a stand for the war memorial statue of Jesus that sits atop Big Mountain in Montana than the entire membership of the atheist group seeking to have it removed.

Less than five hours after the ALCJ posted our letter to the U.S. Forest Service online, urging it to renew its lease to the Knights of Columbus and allow the nearly 60-year-old World War II memorial to remain, more people had signed onto the letter than the entire claimed 17,000 membership of Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF).

Currently, over 20,000 Americans have taken a stand for the statue of Jesus, and that number continues to grow by the minute.

Please continue to keep the momentum going by signing this petition and sharing it on Facebook and Twitter. Show FFRF that we will not back down and cede our history and heritage over to their anti-Christian agenda. Sign here.

Used with the permission of the American Center for Law and Justice.

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