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Tuesday March 31st 2015

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Get the Government out of Your Linen Closet!

Liberty Alerts, Eagle Forum

We easily advanced from kerosene lamps to Edison’s light bulbs, from horse and carriage to automobiles, and from cassettes to CDs and DVDs, without any laws to mandate those changes.” — Phyllis Schlafly

We’re all tired of the federal government encroaching on our personal freedoms through high taxes, overregulation, and overreaching programs like ObamaCare. Now they’re getting into our linen closets dictating what kinds of light bulbs we have to buy!

Unless Congress takes action, it will be illegal to sell the 100-watt bulb after January 1, 2012. The lower watt bulbs will be phased out between 2012 and 2014. Lighting technology might advance, and some might like the new bulbs, but we, the people, through the free market should decide what kinds of products we will buy, not the government.

There is nothing wrong with the incandescent bulb, and the new, allegedly “eco-friendly” CFL, the new bulbs we will be forced to buy once the incandescent bulbs go away, contain toxic mercury and present a grave danger to children and pets if broken. Recent reports show that large numbers of Chinese workers in the factories that make CFL bulbs are being hospitalized for mercury poisoning. Even the EPA is worried about them polluting our sewage.

They are also significantly more expensive and less bright than the incandescent bulbs. Additionally, hundreds of American jobs have already been exported to China as a result of this ban.

We must stop the ban from taking effect and the only way is to urge Congressional leadership to bring a repeal to the House floor to fight for the ban in a year-end budget bill.

We need you and your concerned friends and family to sign our petition today!

Our Capitol Hill staff will take the petition to Congress next week.  This is a bi-partisan issue, relevant to all Americans. Will you help us gather at least 3,000 more signatures so that we can present this petition to legislators next week?

As Phyllis noted in her column, when Elena Kagan was asked in her confirmation hearing by Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) if it would be constitutional for the government to order all of us to eat “three fruits and three vegetables every day,” she evaded the question.

What will they take next?

Used with the permission of Eagle Forum.