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Saturday February 13th 2016

Government, the Great Thief


The proper role for government to play, if we admit that government should exist at all, is to protect each of us from those who would infringe upon our rights.

For example, should your neighbor decide that he likes your new lawnmower and then walks over and makes off with it, government should provide a system for the redress of this grievance, and should provide a penalty to punish the perpetrator of this crime against your right to own property.

More starkly, if your neighbor decides he likes your house and yard and therefore plots and attempts to carry out your murder, the proper role for government is to enforce the law against this flagrant attempt to violate your rights to life and property.

Government, though, is no longer confined to its proper sphere. It daily has assumed the role of the criminal and violates the basic rights of all citizens.

A case in point is the “public” education system. This system is nothing less than the institutionalization of theft used to fund a thoroughgoing and intense program of indoctrination of the young.

To fund this “system, most of us are forced to pay taxes each year, the funds going in part to pay for the public schools. These taxes support K-12 schools as well as vocational and tech schools. But why should everyone pay for this? Because we need quality education, liberals will say.

In reality, though, this is nothing more than theft. I have no kids in school, yet government has its hand in my pocket and yours, taking money to pay for the neighbor’s kid to go to school.

Liberals will dispute that this is theft. But what if the neighbor kid wants to visit France? This would, no doubt, be a fine educational opportunity. But if your neighbor steals your credit card and charges the airfare to your account, this is clearly theft and a crime. So is the government doing it on the neighbor’s behalf in its ongoing effort to pay for “public schools.”

This type of government aided theft goes on in multiple ways. In Wisconsin, it was just announced that a small farm with around 130 head of cattle will be installing a new biodigester to generate energy from cow manure. Liberals, no doubt, will think this a wonderful “green energy” initiative. And perhaps it is.

But it’s also expensive, anticipated to cost around half a million dollars. So who is paying for this extravagance? If you guessed taxpayers, you’re right. The biorefinery will be funded in part by a state grant of $125,000. How nice of the government of Wisconsin to use money taken from taxpayers to benefit a single farm!

This is a travesty against justice and common sense. And there is a lot of your money and my money at stake in various government redistribution programs. For example, the 2008 Farm Bill allocated $35 million to fund biorefinery projects, according to the website

Of course, grants like these are just a single snowflake on the tip of a very large iceberg of government theft. When we’ve allowed the institutionalization of such crimes on the vast scale we have, is it any wonder the middle class is on the way to extinction and the economy continues to struggle?

Frankly, like so much else government does these days, funding education, biodigesters and biorefineries, and sundry other extravagances out of the public treasury is theft and it stinks to high heaven, not unlike the manure generated by Wisconsin’s vast herds of Holsteins.

The Moral Liberal Associate Editor, Dennis Behreandt, is the Founder and Editor In Chief of the American Daily Herald. Mr. Behreandt has written hundreds of articles on subjects ranging from natural theology to history and from science and technology to philosophy. His research interests include the period of late antiquity in European history as well as Medieval and Renaissance history.