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Friday November 28th 2014

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S.E.M., Vol. 1, No. 6

The President's Duty to Faithfully Execute the Law. According to Art. II, Sect. 3 of the Constitution, what is the President's duty? According to Lincoln, what does a man trample on, when he tramples on the law? According to Rep. Goodlatte, what is the value of strictly observing even bad laws until they are repealed? In a republic, why else, in your opinion, is obedience to laws put in place according to the process outlined in the Constitution, regardless of our personal opinions, important, if not vital?

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Romney Pulls Ahead of Obama

New poll puts Romney ahead of Obama


A new survey shows GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney pulling slightly ahead of President Obama, as it seems increasingly likely the two will meet in the November election.

The Fox News presidential poll had Romney ahead 46-44 percent, but the survey noted that was only the second time Romney beat out the president. The first time was November 2011, when he was also up by 2 points.

The survey also noted that the difference between the two men was well within the poll’s margin of error.

While more Republicans than Democrats (42 percent to 32 percent) and Independents (34 percent) say they are more interested in the election, party support for each candidate is dead even: 85 percent of Democrats back Obama, while 85 percent of Republicans back Romney.

Among Independents, a highly sought after demographic, Romney is preferred 43-37 percent, the survey said.

And while women prefer Obama, the survey found that the gap – 49-41 percent – is narrowing. Women voted for Obama over John McCain by 13 percentage points in 2008, the survey said.

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