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Wednesday August 26th 2015

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Harry Reid’s Assault on the Second Amendment Continues


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid just won’t take “no” for an answer when it comes to trampling the Second Amendment.

We reported to you about his judicial pick of Elissa Cadish for the federal District Court in Nevada.

You may remember that Cadish, when asked in 2008 by a group called Citizens for Responsible Government whether she believed an individual citizen had a constitutional right to keep and bear arms, answered:

I do not believe there is this constitutional right. Thus, I believe that reasonable restrictions may be imposed on gun ownership in the interest of public safety. Of course, I will enforce the laws as they exist as a judge.

Of course, Cadish’s very assertion that “restrictions … on gun ownership [further] public safety” shows an intense anti-gun bias – and suggests that Cadish, once on the bench for life, will do everything possible to thwart gun owners’ rights.

As for the “enforce the laws” lingo, we’ve heard that before from other Obama nominees, including Sonia Sotomayor. Like Cadish, Sotomayor also denied that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual, constitutional right. As soon as she had secured confirmation, she went on an anti-Second Amendment rampage on the Supreme Court.

Not content to ignore the Constitution, “ObamaCare Harry” Reid is now threatening to ignore the Senate rules as well – and to ignore Senator Dean Heller’s “blue slip” objection to the Cadish nomination.

Under Senate precedents and traditions, a Senator can veto a judicial nominee from his state by signing a piece of paper known as a “blue slip.” And Dean Heller has in fact “blue slipped” Cadish due to concerns over her strident anti-Second Amendment views.

But this week Reid announced his intention to meet with Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Pat Leahy (D-VT) and to ask that he ignore the Senate rules and hold a hearing on the Cadish nomination – even after she has been blue slipped.

ACTION: Contact Senator Dean Heller. Thank him for holding firm in opposition to the nomination of anti-gun Elissa Cadish. Even if you live outside of Nevada, you can email Sen. Heller at [email protected]

Pre-written letter to cut-and-paste:

Dear Senator Heller,

Thank you for standing firm in your opposition to the nomination of anti-gun zealot Elissa Cadish to a judgeship on the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada.

Rest assured that, should Harry Reid try to ignore the Senate’s rules, precedents, and traditions in order to push this ill-begotten nomination, America’s gun owners will demand that every Republican Senator vote as a bloc to protect the rights of the minority party – and to stand up for our Second Amendment rights as well.


Used with the permission of Gun Owners of America.