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Tuesday September 16th 2014

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Federalist 58 by James Madison. 1. Under the proposed Constitution whose interests were represented by the U.S. Senate? Is it so today? If not, how might it be remedied & by what means? 2. How did the Constitution provide for updating representation in Congress? 3. Madison credits the U.S Constitution with assigning the greatest power, that of the “purse strings” to the U.S. House. In your opinion, how might the House assert that power to reduce the size & cost of government today? 4. Explain in your own words Madison’s warning against too many men serving in the House. How might his warning be applied today as calls abound for a more direct democracy & for scrapping the electoral college system? 5. Is democracy the form of government our Founders gave us or was it a republican form? Explain the difference.

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VAWA’s Mandatory Arrest Policies: Unconstitutional, Wasteful . . . and Lethal


Republicans are NOT waging a “war on women,” but the  Democrats are definitely waging a “war on men.”   Case in point is the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

First passed during the Clinton Administration, VAWA is now up for reauthorization. Democrats in the House of Representatives have presented their version of the VAWA reauthorization – H.R. 4271. No surprise.  It’s loaded with expensive new programs based on radical feminist ideology.

Republicans are trying to rein in VAWA.   Rep. Sandy Adams (R-FL) introduced the Republican version of VAWA — H.R. 4970.  Rep. Adams’ bill helps to beef up accountability and stop immigration fraud. But it does nothing to curb the mandatory arrest policies that are caused by VAWA.

The problem with mandatory arrest policies is they silence victims and keep them from calling the police for help. As a result, mandatory arrest policies have resulted in a 60% increase in partner homicides — according to a Harvard University study. All this at a cost of $25 million in taxpayer money.

The radical feminists like mandatory arrest — throw more men in jail, break up families, and push children deeper into the cycle of welfare dependency.

We must stop the liberal “war on families.” Call today and tell your U.S. Representative that Congress must assure that VAWA stops the lethal practice of mandatory arrest.

Capitol Switchboard:  (202) 224-3121

Please call today.

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