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Monday February 8th 2016

How Can A Father Raise A Happy Daughter? Love Her Mother!

A Way of Life, Sister Elaine S. Dalton

This morning I would like to speak to our sons and to all fathers. How can a father raise a happy, well-adjusted daughter in today’s increasingly toxic world? The answer has been taught by the Lord’s prophets. It is a simple answer, and it is true—“The most important thing a father can do for his [daughter] is to love [her] mother.”* By the way you love her mother, you will teach your daughter about tenderness, loyalty, respect, compassion, and devotion. She will learn from your example what to expect from young men and what qualities to seek in a future spouse. You can show your daughter by the way you love and honor your wife that she should never settle for less. Your example will teach your daughter to value womanhood. You are showing her that she is a daughter of our Heavenly Father, who loves her.

* President David O. McKay often quoted this statement of Theodore Hesburgh, in “Quotable Quotes,” Reader’s Digest, Jan. 1963, 25; see also Richard Evans’ Quote Book (1971), 11.

Excerpt from Sister Elaine S. Dalton’s April 2012 General Conference address, Love Her Mother.  Sister Elaine S. Dalton is Young Women General President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. View Sister Elaine S. Dalton’s full address here. Be sure to also watch this message.