Defending the Judeo-Christian Ethic, Limited Government, & the American Constitution
Tuesday September 16th 2014

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Federalist 58 by James Madison. 1. Under the proposed Constitution whose interests were represented by the U.S. Senate? Is it so today? If not, how might it be remedied & by what means? 2. How did the Constitution provide for updating representation in Congress? 3. Madison credits the U.S Constitution with assigning the greatest power, that of the “purse strings” to the U.S. House. In your opinion, how might the House assert that power to reduce the size & cost of government today? 4. Explain in your own words Madison’s warning against too many men serving in the House. How might his warning be applied today as calls abound for a more direct democracy & for scrapping the electoral college system? 5. Is democracy the form of government our Founders gave us or was it a republican form? Explain the difference.

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Defending Those Who Fight for Our Freedom


The brave men and women of our military have dedicated their abilities, and even their very lives, to defending the freedoms that we all enjoy in America.

Were it not for their sacrifice, we may not enjoy the freedoms of speech, religion, and economic opportunity that have made America what it is today.

As we celebrate those who have dedicated their lives fighting for us, we must never take for granted the freedoms that we enjoy. Even today, we face threats to our religious liberty from our own government, as an abortion pill mandate threatens to force religious organizations to violate their faith.

We must also fight for those who are serving the spiritual needs of the men and women of our armed forces. Military chaplains may now be forced to violate their faith by performing same-sex marriages. Over 30,000 Americans have already taken a stand in defense religious liberty in our military. You still have time to sign this important petition here.

As Thomas Jefferson once stated, “I consider the government of the U.S. as interdicted by the Constitution from intermeddling with religious institutions, their doctrines, discipline, or exercises.” This can be no more true than for the heroes of our armed forces. So as they continue fighting for our liberty, we will continue fighting for theirs.

To all the men and women of our military, thank you for your commitment, your service, and your devotion to God and country.

Jay Sekulow is Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), one of the most prestigious law firms in the country. He is an accomplished Supreme Court advocate, renowned expert on religious liberty, and a respected broadcaster. Jay Sekulow is an attorney with a passion for protecting religious liberty – freedom – democracy.

Used with the permission of the American Center for Law and Justice.