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Tuesday February 9th 2016

Governor .357 Smith & Wesson wows the GOP convention

Like many other Americans, the nation’s first Latina governor is wondering, “Where are the jobs, Mr. President?”
Credits: NM Govt.


While speeches by the Republican Party’s stalwarts — such as Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan, and movie superstar Clint Eastwood — garnered most of the attention of the news media and political commentators, New Mexico’s Gov. Susanna Martinez notified members of both political parties that she’s another up-and-coming conservative force.

The nation’s first Latina governor is unapologetic about her conservative values especially her desire to protect citizens’ second amendment rights.

“Gov. Susanna Martinez could replace Eric Holder as Attorney General if Romney and Ryan defeat Obama and Biden in the presidential election,” notes gun rights expert John M. Snyder.

“That would be welcomed without question by the Second Amendment community,” Snyder added.

“When [New Mexico’s] Gov. Martinez declared the other night at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida that she carried a Smith & Wesson .357 as a young woman protecting her parents’ property, she showed she knows what gun rights are all about,” Snyder said.

He said also that, “Holder and Obama haven’t got a clue, or a care. They want to reinstitute a failed ban on semiautomatic firearms. They show no sincere desire to accept responsibility for the Fast and Furious federal government gun scandal, or to rectify it.”

“It’s time for a change in Washington, DC. It’s time for American voters to rock and roll with Romney and Ryan for a better government for the United States,” said Snyder, who also serves on the advisory board of the National Association of Chiefs of Police.

Martinez was elected governor on Nov. 2, 2010, pledging to cut wasteful spending, lower taxes to create more jobs, end “pay-to-play” practices and other corruption in government and fight to reform education. She was sworn in as Governor of New Mexico on January 1, 2011, making her the first Latina governor in United States history.

Before winning the governorship, Martinez served for close to 15-years as the District Attorney for the Third Judicial District in Doña Ana County in New Mexico.

Martinez was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley and made Las Cruces her home since the 1980s.

Her husband, Chuck Franco, concluded his three-decade career in law enforcement serving as the Doña Ana County Undersheriff. Her stepson, Carlo, recently served in the United States Navy and is currently a firefighter in Las Cruces and a student at New Mexico State University.

“You better believe we’ll be hearing more and more about Gov. Martinez. She’s a tough law enforcer, an avid gun enthusiast, and a new voice for this nation’s conservative movement,” said former NYPD officer Iris Aquino.

“[Gov. Martinez] is just the person to replace [Attorney General] Holder and clean out his staff of agenda-driven political hacks,” she added.

The Moral Liberal Contributing Editor, Jim Kouri, CPP, is the fifth Vice President and Public Information Officer of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, has served on the National Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout the country. Contact Jim.