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Wednesday July 23rd 2014

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Federalist 58 by James Madison. 1. Under the proposed Constitution whose interests were represented by the U.S. Senate? Is it so today? If not, how might it be remedied & by what means? 2. How did the Constitution provide for updating representation in Congress? 3. Madison credits the U.S Constitution with assigning the greatest power, that of the “purse strings” to the U.S. House. In your opinion, how might the House assert that power to reduce the size & cost of government today? 4. Explain in your own words Madison’s warning against too many men serving in the House. How might his warning be applied today as calls abound for a more direct democracy & for scrapping the electoral college system? 5. Is democracy the form of government our Founders gave us or was it a republican form? Explain the difference.

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Israeli military court indicts terror suspect in bus bombing case



Aftermath of a terrorist bombing of an Israeli passenger bus.
Credits: ISA

Israel’s military court on Wednesday indicted a 26-year-old terrorist-cell leader from the West Bank village of Beit Lakiya for spearheading the bombing of a passenger bus in Tel Aviv in November, according to an Israeli police source.

The military court charged Ahmed Moussa with a list of offenses, including an attempt to intentionally cause death, conspiracy to cause death, trafficking weapons and explosives, and building improvised explosive devices for use against targets in the Jewish homeland, the source said.

The bus bombing occurred during the time when Palestinian terrorist groups located in Gaza fired numerous rockets and missiles into Israel cities and towns.

About 30 Israeli civilians were wounded onboard the No. 142 bus when the bomb exploded. The wounded were all treated in area hospitals and eventually released.

Following Moussa’s interrogation by the Shin Bet Security Agency (Shabak), the indictment establishes that Moussa headed a terrorist cell in the West Bank, which was behind the bus attack. It also claims he had links to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip.

According to the indictment, Moussa purchased the weapons that were used in the attack and he had recruited two additional jihadists to carry out the attack with him.

He is also charged with preparing explosives used on the targeted bus, which exploded near the city’s hospital and military headquarters, and deploying a fellow cell member to plant the bomb and notify him when the task was completed by mobile phone.

The Shin Bet’s investigation also revealed that the cell planned to carry out further militant attacks including targeting Israeli ministers and conduct drive-by shootings in the West Bank.

As for other members of the alleged terror cell, Mohammed Mafarja, 18, from the Arab Israeli town of Taybe, was indicted in December for allegedly planting the bomb on the bus. He has confessed to the charges during his investigation by the Shin Bet and the police and reenacted his steps.

Fuad Atzi, 27, and Mohammed Damra, 25, have been connected to the Moussa’s cell but they haven’t been indicted for the attack as yet.

The Moral Liberal Contributing Editor, Jim Kouri, CPP, is the fifth Vice President and Public Information Officer of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, has served on the National Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout the country. Contact Jim.