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Thursday July 30th 2015

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Federalist 69 - by Alexander Hamilton. 1. What are the chief characters in regards to the President as outlined in the proposed Constitution? 2. Why does Hamilton believe the term of office for a President should be longer than three years? 3. What was the term of office for the king of England and what, in your opinion, is the potential for abuse in such a term? Would the term of office of the king of England present any advantages - in the Founders experience and in your opinion - over over the new American system? Read all of the questions and post your response at our new resource Self-Educated Man

The Battle of Princeton – American Minute

American Minute with Bill Federer

aminuteFrederick the Great of Prussia called these ten days “the most brilliant in the world’s history.”

After winning the Battle of Trenton, Christmas night, George Washington’s small force met General Cornwallis’ 8,000 man British army.

The night before the battle, Washington left his campfires burning and silently marched his army around the back of the British camp at Princeton, New Jersey.

At daybreak, JANUARY 3, 1777, Washington attacked.

At one point, American troops under John Cadwalader were retreating.

General George Washington quickly rode over, stopped the retreat, then rode ahead of his men to within thirty yards of the British.

Then turning and facing his men, Washington said “Halt!” and then “Fire!”

The British returned fired, filling the field with a cloud of smoke.

Many thought Washington was surely shot, as he was exposed to fire from both sides, but when the smoke cleared, Washington appeared, unharmed, waving his men forward.

Three British regiments were captured and enthusiasm swept America.

Yale President Ezra Stiles stated in an Election Address before the Governor and General Assembly of Connecticut:

“In our lowest and most dangerous estate, in 1776 and 1777, we sustained ourselves against the British Army of 60,000 troops, commanded by…the ablest generals Britain could procure throughout Europe, with a naval force of 22,000 seamen in above 80 men-of-war…

Independence…was sealed and confirmed by God Almighty in the victory of General Washington at Trenton, and in the surprising movement and battle of Princeton…

Who but a Washington, inspired by Heaven, could have struck out the great movement and maneuver of Princeton?…”

Ezra Stiles continued:

“The United States are under peculiar obligations to become a holy people unto the Lord our God.”

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