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Monday February 8th 2016

Stop Harry Reid’s So-Called Filibuster Reform!

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is resorting to more dirty tricks to silence conservative opposition to his liberal agenda. This time, he convinced a few Republicans to go along with an alleged compromise on so-called “filibuster reform,” but the result will be the same – conservatives will be shut out of the process of legislating. Click here for an excellent analysis of the compromise by our friend Hans von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation.

In a recent alert, we broke down the complex scam Harry Reid is pulling on the American people by using Senate procedure to not only shut conservatives out of the process, but to create the illusion that he is actually including them, then accusing them of being obstructionist. Click here to read how he doing this and how it violates Senate rules.

We are thankful for conservatives like Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky who recently wrote this article explaining what Senator Reid is doing, how it will destroy the Senate, and pledging to stand up against Reid’s tyranny.

While this might seem like arcane Senate procedure, the filibuster is an essential tool for the minority in the Senate. Without it, conservatives will have no chance of stopping any of the radical anti-life, anti-family, anti-freedom legislation and nominees that we know we can expect in President Obama’s lame duck term. As Steven Duffield points out in this article, this change could have a devastating effect on the Senate’s role in confirming President Obama’s Supreme Court nominees. There is much at stake, and we must oppose this rules change!

Take Action!

Your Senators are back in their home states until January 21st. Please take this time to call them, visit their offices or attend town hall meetings or other gatherings to urge them to protect the Constitution and the integrity of the Senate by opposing Senator Reid’s so-called “filibuster reform.”

This is not necessarily a liberal vs. conservative issue. This movement toward ending the filibuster is being pushed by liberal sophomore Senators who have not yet experienced governing in the minority. We need to keep working so they will have that experience after the 2014 election! In the meantime, we need to encourage all Senators, particularly longer-term liberals who know what it is like serving in the minority, who understand the importance of the filibuster to avoid majority tyranny.  Some such Senators have expressed concerns about this change.

Call your Senators today and tell them to oppose so-called filibuster reform, even if it appears to be bi-partisan.

Used with the permission of Eagle Forum.

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