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Friday February 12th 2016

Americanist History

Americanist History defined: Old School History of the variety which raised generation after generation of good and worthy Americans with solid foundations and high ideals, before the revisionists historians (inspired by a foreign ideology dedicated to the overthrow of the existing moral, social, and political order) came along with a pen dedicated to tearing down, exposing flaws in, distorting and altering, intentionally overlooking or discrediting solid principles and truth to include the vital role of Christianity, the Holy Bible, the Judeo-Christian moral law, and men and women who believed in, lived up to (inasmuch as imperfect human beings can with God’s help), and found application in public life for the Great Things of God. Or it is that history that looks to the Providential Hand of God in the discovery and peopling of the North American continent (especially that area that would become the United States) as well as his hand in raising up and inspiring its Founders, in bringing about victory in War for Independence, in guiding the writing of its Constitution (the best the world has ever known)… and finally in extending its blessings to people of all races, religions, cultures, and nationalities who fled to its shores. It is to all these hidden things, these once front and center stage things taught in every school throughout this great land, about who and what America was and is and may yet become, with the help of God, that Americanist History at The Moral Liberal is dedicated to bringing once again to light and into the hearts of the rising generation so that the hope of liberty under God might be forever preserved in the earth.

We invite you to study along with us as we, chapter by chapter, build a history library of note that may one day become the standard again. 

Major Historical Works

A History of the United States by William Bancroft (Complete, Several Volume Work. Most inspiring U.S. Historical Text ever written)

The Life of John Adams (Complete)

Stories, Poems, Brief Bios (Many of these courtesy of Democratic Thinker)

If You Don’t Stand Up For Yourself, How Can You Stand Up For Others? William H. Herndon on Lincoln

Watchman, What of the Night? Longfellow 1856

Driving Home the Cows: Kate Putnam Osgood, 1865

Samuel Adams: A brief bio from an 1833 oration by Edward Everett

Samuel Adams: A Biographical Sketch, by Frank Moore, 1858

Tell it Not in Gath: Eloquent account by J.P. Marten of an aging Sam Adams shouted down when he rose to speak against the theater.

On Politicians, Coons, and Superficiality: An Davy Crockett anecdote by biographer James Strange French 1833.

On the Death of Alexander Hamilton: Eliphalet Nott 1804

Border Justice: T.A. McNeal and Wyoming’s Border Justice

Hold the Fort, I am Coming: Alfred M. Claybaugh , Out West Magazine, April 1911