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Friday February 27th 2015

The Works of John Adams, vol. 1

Life of the Author


The Life of John Adams.

Preliminary. Respecting the Family of Adams.

Chapter I.: Education of Mr. Adams—school At Worcester—choice of a Profession.

Chapter II.: Study and Practice of the Law Until March, 1770.

Chapter III.: The Boston Massacre—defence of the Soldiers—relations to the Patriots Down to June, 1774.

Chapter IV.: Entrance Into Public Life—the Congress of 1774—services From That Time Until the Declaration of Independence.

Chapter V.: Conference With Lord Howe—origin of Parties—foreign and Domestic Policy—services In Congress, From July, 1776, Until November, 1777.

Chapter VI.: Commission to France—services In Forming a Constitution For Massachusetts—commission to Negotiate Treaties With Great Britain—the Mediation of Russia and Austria—negotiations In Holland.

Chapter VII.: The Negotiation and Signature of the Treaty of Peace With Great Britain.

Chapter VIII.: Illness In Europe—commercial Treaties—mission to the Court of Great Britain.

Chapter IX.: Organization of the New Government—election and Services As Vice-president of the United States.

Chapter X.: The Presidency.

Chapter XI.: Retirement From Public Life—occupations—relations With Jefferson—death.


To Samuel Quincy.


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