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Wednesday July 29th 2015

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S.E.M., Vol. 1, No. 7
Federalist 69 - by Alexander Hamilton. 1. What are the chief characters in regards to the President as outlined in the proposed Constitution? 2. Why does Hamilton believe the term of office for a President should be longer than three years? 3. What was the term of office for the king of England and what, in your opinion, is the potential for abuse in such a term? Would the term of office of the king of England present any advantages - in the Founders experience and in your opinion - over over the new American system? Read all of the questions and post your response at our new resource Self-Educated Man

Classic Philosophers

RadicalAcademyLogoThe Great Thinkers of Western Philosophy

While many of the philosophers listed below are not in the classical realistic tradition, an understanding of their philosophical views is important because of their influence within the history of Western philosophy.




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The System of Thomas Aquinas
One of the leaders of the neo-Thomistic revival, Maurice de Wulf, gives a concise exposition of the central doctrines of the philosophical system formulated by Thomas Aquinas.

The Philosophers of the Renaissance: Transition to Modern Philosophy