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Sunday November 23rd 2014

Self-Educated Man

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S.E.M., Vol. 1, No. 6

The President's Duty to Faithfully Execute the Law. According to Art. II, Sect. 3 of the Constitution, what is the President's duty? According to Lincoln, what does a man trample on, when he tramples on the law? According to Rep. Goodlatte, what is the value of strictly observing even bad laws until they are repealed? In a republic, why else, in your opinion, is obedience to laws put in place according to the process outlined in the Constitution, regardless of our personal opinions, important, if not vital?

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‘Ricky Valadez’

The Science of Liberty

The Science of Liberty

BY RICKY VALADEZ Through the lens of science, that which appears to be mysterious is seen as simple and that which appears to be ordinary is seen as remarkable.  That which already exists around us begins to be unveiled and understood, thus empowering us to use that knowledge for our benefit. The sun, for example, has been shining for [...]

To Those With a Conscience

To Those With a Conscience

By Ricky Valadez I believe in the unseen moral laws just as I believe in the unseen physical laws. As one can learn and master the laws of gravity and aerodynamics to take flight into the atmosphere, so can one learn and master the laws of morality and self-mastery to be lifted to a higher plane. The Function of the Universal Laws The [...]