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Friday March 6th 2015

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‘T.F. Stern’

Which Court Papers are Worse?

Which Court Papers are Worse?

BY T.F. STERN There’s a news story out of Bryan,Texas which attempts to explain why the Federal government raided a political meeting put on by a group of folks contemplating Texas Secession from the United States on Valentine’s Day.  Police officers representing local, state and Federal agencies rounded up everyone in attendance, [...]

Spinning the Circles

Spinning the Circles

BY T.F. STERN Many years ago a friend of mine invited me to become a part of a multilevel marketing business, a chance to start something on the side and provide extra income.  This wasn’t some get rich quick scheme and would require effort and acquiring new skills to become moderately successful. One of the first skills was learning to [...]

Never let facts interfere with a lie

Never let facts interfere with a lie

BY T.F. STERN Shakespeare had a line in his play, Hamlet; most are familiar with, “To be or not to be, that is the question”.  Taking considerable liberties with this, “To lie or not to lie, that is the question”.  Hamlet would have been a success either way; but for today’s purposes let’s have some fun.  Brian Williams of NBC [...]

U.S. Courts of Law – Sharia Courts?

U.S. Courts of Law  –  Sharia Courts?

BY T.F. STERN There’s a news item on the internet about Sharia courts being used in Texas.  It would appear that what’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily good for the gander; or something like that.  Having read the article it would appear these ‘Sharia’ courts are well within the framework of religious courts, similar to those [...]

What is the school board afraid of?

What is the school board afraid of?

BY T.F. STERN A recent news item had to do with the Goochland County Public School Board demanding home schooled children justify their religious beliefs.  When I read this on the internet my first reaction was, “Really? This could become very interesting”. “A policy approved by the Goochland County School Board in 2013 has several [...]

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