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Friday July 3rd 2015

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‘Tyler Watts’

Government Spending Cuts Are Bad for the Economy?

Government Spending Cuts Are Bad for the Economy?

Tyler Watts, The Freeman “Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines,” laments the gruff air traffic controller played by Lloyd Bridges in the ribald disaster-spoof Airplane! Facing the tense situation of helping a nerve-wracked pilot safely land a large passenger jet, “Steve McCroskey” could get a performance boost by [...]

Not Enough Inflation?

Not Enough Inflation?

Tyler Watts, The Freeman Two wrongs may not make a right, but a second dose of poison might just cure the first dose. That’s at least what Paul Krugman, America’s most prominent left-wing economic pundit, is saying about an untapped remedy for our economic woes. In his April 5 New York Times column, “Not Enough Inflation,” Krugman [...]

Disaster Response Restores Confidence in Government?

Disaster Response Restores Confidence in Government?

TYLER WATTS, THE FREEMAN In a memorable episode of the cult-classic cartoon series “The Tick,” the title character is seen in the local café regaling fellow superheroes with his latest adventure, in which he single-handedly stopped an alien plot that would have sucked the earth into a black hole. Skeptical, one of the other heroes [...]